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School Wireless Networks:

Over 97% of all k-12 schools have internet access but fewer than 50% of all classrooms can take advantage of the enormous education potential in the internet. The expense of wiring temporary facilities, aging and historic buildings is too great of difficult given crippled school budgets.. Also wires can't bring education to outdoor spaces or communal areas, such as cafeterias, libraries, auditoriums, conference rooms, and student unions.

Wireless can bring that connectivity at minimal expense and allow students to participate in exciting out-of-class learning while still being connected to the internet. The Wireless Networks provide seamless, secure data communications anywhere in classrooms or on a campus.

We can help your school by providing a framework in setting up a successful wireless network implementation including:

        • Content Controls
        • Filtering Software
        • Acceptable Use Policies
        • Monitoring Software

Contact us today to evaluate your schools needs in wireless networking.



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