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WebtrackNetworkers Website Hosting Questions and Answers

What safeguards are on the site?
Application Security...
The site is hosted on a webserver which allows permanent session connections on an open source secure shell platform only.
The operating system for the platform is on a hardened Red Hat Linux 2.4 kernel with a number of firewall methods in place.

On the facility's physical security...
The front door must be opened by the security guard who is on duty 24/7/365. Movement throughout the facility must be escorted at ALL times. There is no other entry door into the facility with the exception of the loading door which is protected by a roll down door and may only be operated with a security officer present. There is a camera on a track inside the datacenter. It is controlled by security and can run from end to end and looks to both sides. It is one of over 2 dozen cameras located throughout the facility that are continually monitored by security. It is the guards responsibility to know at all times who is in the building and where they are. Between the cameras, access control, and the security team, this facility is secure.

Customer privacy security: WebtrackNetworkers will make every effort to protect the privacy of our clients. WebtrackNetworkers will not reveal personal information regarding its clients. WebtrackNetworkers cannot however protect privacy through the Internic domain registration database as this information is open to the public.

How fast are the servers ?
Server hardware specifications are as follows:
Intel 2.0 GHz processors
The reliability of our technology platform uses brand name servers from Dell, HP or Compaq, depending on price at time of purchase.

How fast is the pipe speed?
(and other pertanent Network Information)
The colocation center for the server consists of thirteen Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet, along with DS-3 and OC-3 connections. These are carried on major Peer-Peer backbone internet connections with providers such as Verio, Time-Warner, Cogent, Allegiance and MFN. The data center is complete with redundant UPS, A/C and generator backup systems. Connection speed represents the speed of a connection to and does not represent guarantees of available end to end bandwidth.

What is the data back up status?
Primary data takes place to a second internal hard drive in a RAID 1 mirroring configuration. Should either drive fail, the system will continue to operate uninterrupted with a minimal performance degradation, until a scheduled hardware maintenance activity can be scheduled during an off-peak hour. This maintenance activity will usually take place within 24 hours of the failure notification to the system administrator, generated by automated daily system reporting.
Complete system back ups are scheduled on a monthly basis.
Incremental system back ups are scheduled for a weekly basis.

What happens if the system crashes?
In the event of a hardware-related problem, we will immediately manage replacing any failed component. Replacements are usually made within 24 hours. We will make every attempt to correct the problem as soon as possible.

What is the uptime on the servers?
Our current server and connectivity uptime is over 99.8%, with server system uptime averaging over 180 days.

Where is the physical location of the servers?
The servers are physically located in one of the country's largest and most reliable dedicated server hosting data centers.

What about power and cooling?
The panel where the main power comes in to the facility directly from the outside transformer. Total incoming power is 480V / 4000 Amps. This is A LOT of power and could also power an expansion of over double the current space size of this colocation facility.
The current UPS that supplies power to the facility runs at just 6% of capacity. Next to it, there is a second identical UPS. This unit will provide redundant UPS power to the facility.With just one system running at 20% of its capacity the A/C room is kept VERY cold. The units are alternated so that each one is kept in optimal condition.

What would be the response time on a server problem?
The Datacenter support is available 24/7/365. In the event of the rare need of a hands-on hardware reboot onsite staff are able to physically reboot the server in 15 minutes, as per the last scheduled emergency disaster recovery drill. Software rebooting commanded via remote secure sessions usually reinstate the complete rebooting of the server within 2 minutes or less. Live WebtrackNetworkers support is available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time, email support with a 12 hour response is available 24/7.


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