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Enterprise Networks:

Do you or your employees spend time logging into several different network applications every morning?
Repetitive tasks can be automated to make better use of your employees time, keeping them more enthusiastic about the real work at hand.

Do you or your employees complain about slow response from network based applications? It's quite probable your network is configured improperly, overlapping sections of the network that would operate more efficiently when properly segmented with the appropriate hardware or configuration in existing equipement.

We think about your network strategically, focusing on where you want your network to take your business: aligning people, process, and technology. Our certified network and systems engineers and project managers apply best practice methodology to produce custom-fit network architecture and functionality to your requirements. This is a service that addresses all of the elements of the network infrastructure, allowing you to integrate the best capabilities of any technology.

After we assess your network, you’ll receive actionable, well organized documentation detailing the network design recommendation and the rationale supporting it. We can perform a thorough needs-analysis based on your objectives and provide you with professional consultation on enterprise-level IT planning considerations. We will explore a variety of infrastructure options for you in order to maximize your installed capacity, minimize operating costs, and continue to meet your needs as you expand your business.

With our combination of education, experience, certification, flexibility and responsiveness, we are able to deliver a wide range of Internetworking solutions with unequaled quality.

Examples of Enterprise projects include:

      • Infrastructure design
      • Audit and assessment
      • Technology migration
      • Device configuration and installation
      • Convergence - Voice (VoIP) / Video / Data

Areas of expertise include:

      • LAN Technologies: Ethernet, Wireless LANs, QoS, VoIP
      • WAN Technologies: Frame Relay, VPN's
      • Routing and switching: L2 and L3, LAN and WAN switching, routing; multi protocol
      • Security: Firewalls, VPN
      • Wireless LANs
      • Windows Design and Automation

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