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WebtrackNetworkers Internet Marketing

Web sites, email lists and link exchange services strengthen bonds between you and your customers, suppliers and business partners, don't they? But How do you put all this together when you're taking care of the customer at the front desk?

Webtrack Networkers would enjoy serving your business by helping you expand beyond your storefront with these easy-to-manage, self-promotion services.
Here's our approach:

1-Have us help purchase a domain name for your website . You know why. ( If you don't, here's a hint: Someone hands you a business card with an "@aol.com" address...are they really serious about their business?) And, why have us help this simple process? So you don't mistakenly buy from some overseas company who will then ignore your support requests. Oh, the stories...but no time for that now.

2-Make that domain quickly findable in search engines. (That's the Search Engine Optimization in html code and submission to FastSubmit or other submission service.) Despite what search engine algorythyms come and go, a well coded page still makes a difference.

3-Get a Maillist going - on your own server! A big advantage of having your own list server over Constant Contact or other outsourced service is you can archive your messages and have them linked to your web page, which helps your site grow in content over time, giving you more material to boost your engine ratings and more to offer in initial impression to 1st time visitors. It's also less expensive than just about anywhere else if you host the new domain on WebtrackNetworkers with Mailblast.

4- Start a Google Adword campaign. PayPerClick marketing is the most targeted and cost effectve method of advertising available today.
We can set up and manage a campaign for you based on a mothly budget, or you can set one up and manage directly at www.google.com/adwords
Investing in some good target advertising within your budget will yield an exact and measurable return on investment.

5- Start a links page for companies that you would want to reciprocate. Position it as a resource center for your customers and vendors alike.

6- Make a game of getting your site linked to as many associated or relevant web pages as possible to drive potential customers and improve engine rankings. Point out to these sites that you have already added them (see #5).

WebtrackNetworkers Mailblaster!

Webtrack Networkers provides expertise in developing the most cost effective investment for your e-marketing needs. E-Mail Lists - WebtrackNetworkers MailBlaster!

A highly-effective automated marketing solution, which also significantly cut down on your printed publications costs. WebtrackNetworkers MailBlaster! is easy to use and extremely cost effective.

This simple to use, web-interfaced (you can use it from any PC with a web browser and internet connection) service gathers your potential customers email so you can keep in contact with them efficiently and result in closing more sales, without having to hand-maintain a distribution list on your PC. Potential customers can add themselves, or you can add clients emails you already have and who you know are interested.

Send thousands of email messages per month for only $29.95 per month. That's more target marketing impressions per dollar than any other form of advertising.You can run this system yourself, or WebtrackNetworkers can provide assistance.
E-mail lists achieve 10 times the response rate than direct mail pieces. Call to arrange a 5 minute live tuturial.

WebtrackNetworkers Search Engine Submission Service
Our search engine submission service assures that your Web site pages 'get in' and 'stay in' the search index which powers top search sites on the Web, including LookSmart, MSN, Overture, and HotBot. Overall, this index receives approximately 60 million queries per day!
Plus, you'll receive benefits you don't get with basic submission services:

  • In just minutes, you can get submitted to over 100 + of the Internet's biggest search engines and directories.
  • Research shows that 85% of web traffic comes from search engines. Submit your website today and start getting traffic!

WebtrackNetworkers will take care of adding your site to Verisign's SureList service as well as configuring your site for optimized HTML and META tag codes to gain the most of SureList and any other search engine's crawlers or "bots".

WebtrackNetworkers and PayPal
PayPal is a great way to accept online payment for your products and services, without the time or expense of setting up a bank merchant account. WebtrackNetworkers can quickly integrate your PayPal buttons into your website so you can start accepting payments or subscriptions right from your website.
Accept instant, secure payments from anyone with a credit card or checking account!

    • No set up or monthly fees
    • Low transaction fees
    • Instant availability of funds

PayPal is already trusted by over 3 million businesses in 38 countries, with over 20 million members worldwide.PayPal also helps drive new customers to your site through the PayPal shops program, where your business can be listed and searchable from all

WebtrackNetworkers can also integrate banking merchant accounts through I-bill.

WebtrackNetworkers and Google Adwords Submission
WebtrackNetworkers can integrate and configure a Google Adwords campaign to suit your budget - to ensure top rankings and visibility of your site in the most used search engine on the internet.
With all these great features, a Google AdWords account is fully customizable for any advertiser:

Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, so you pay only for the clicks you've received at a price you've set (choose a maximum CPC from 5 cents to $50)

  • Daily budget you set, starting from 5 cents
  • Targeted ads you create and manage
  • Performance reports 24/7 online in your account
  • Advertising network of sites for increased ad exposure
  • One or multiple ads targeted with one or more keywords

And with no monthly minimum spending limit or time commitment and only $149.00 to set up your campaign - 1/2 of Google's set up fee !

Google Adwords is the ideal marketing tool for small to medium businesses.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to start getting the most fom your online marketing!




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